SUVANITJIT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP. was established in February 2001 as a wholly distribute of PAN-ASIA cable. The Company is the manufacture of high quality of Electric Wire, Signal Cable and Control Cable under ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We produce and distribute our product under the brand PAN-ASIA CABLE which is well recognized in both Thailand and abroad Moreover, Our factory is also welcomed all customer both local and international for the OEM production. We're trusted by nearly 100 customer to product many kind of cable to support the growing demand in both technological sense and marketing sense which spread across all industries and requirements.





Our Product can be categorized by Type and Usage as followed

  • Copper Electric Wire per TIS 11-2553 (VKF, VCT, THW, VAF)
  • Aluminum Electric Wire per TIS 293-2541 (THWA)
  • Copper Electric Wire fore other countries such as Lao, Myanamr, Cambodia, Japan and Europe
  • CCTV Cable with Power Feed
  • CAT5E CAT6 LAN Cable with Power Feed
  • Telecomm Coaxial Cable (RS Series, JIS Series)
  • Security/Control Cable
  • Industrial Control/Data/Power Cable (YSLY/LiYCY/BAS/RS485)
  • Fire Alarm Cable
  • Station Wire for Telephony System
  • Drop Wire for Telephony and Audio Distribution System
  • Automotive Wire
  • Audio/Video Hi-Fi Cable, Speaker Cable
  • Other Special made Cable, OEM Cable



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